Visiting Scotland this Winter

Scotland in winter is the place to be. The Highlands is magical in winter and it makes the perfect winter getaway location. Take a trip to the stunning Scottish Highlands for a Christmas break, a romantic holiday, or a chance to truly unwind. And Ness Walk has the right amount of luxury to make your trip extra special!

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Getting to the Highlands in winter

Getting to Inverness and the Highlands in winter could not be easier. The Scottish winter is just as easy to enjoy as the Scottish summer—there’s no difference! In fact, travelling to Scotland in the winter may be easier, as transport links to Inverness and other Highlands towns will not be as busy out of the peak tourist months.


You can easily get to Inverness, the Capital of the Highlands, from most locations across the UK and Europe. From London, you can fly to Inverness with EasyJet (flights from Gatwick and Luton) or British Airways (flights from Heathrow). Those visiting from the Emerald Isle can fly from Belfast with Loganair, and in Europe, you can fly from Amsterdam with KLM. For locations that do not fly directly to Inverness, you can always fly to London, Manchester or Edinburgh and travel up to the Highlands another way!


Flying not your thing? Don’t worry. You can still have that magical Scottish winter holiday. You can get to Inverness from London by train on the Caledonian Sleeper, a train that departs at night from London Euston and gets into Inverness the following morning. Take a snooze, and wake up in the wintery Highlands – what more could you ask for? Alternatively, there are train links from Edinburgh to Inverness and Glasgow to Inverness. Both stations are well connected to the rest of the UK. 

Caledonian Sleeper in Inverness station


Trains aren’t for everyone, though. Fortunately, there are two other options to get you into the winter wonderland that is the Scottish Highlands during winter. You can catch a coach up (there are tickets from London Victoria to Inverness for as little as £24!), or you can drive. From the south of Scotland, simply follow the A9 up through the stunning wintery scenery to Inverness.

Travelling around the Highlands in winter

Once you’re in Inverness, you’ll want to explore all the Highlands offers. Rest assured that it’s absolutely possible, even in the depths of the Scottish winter. There are buses, like those run by Westerbus. They run between the Highland towns, allowing visitors to experience all they have. Likewise, of course, there are buses that run around Inverness to help you get around. The other options are tours, which will take you across the Highlands, or driving either your own or a rented car.

Why visit the Highlands in winter?

There are so many reasons to plan a trip to Inverness and the Highlands in winter. There’s truly something for everyone. And lots of opportunities to see new and interesting animals and plants. From red deer to more species of geese than you’ve ever seen in one place.

Staying in Inverness in the winter also brings with it the chance to see the Northern Lights, a once-in-a-lifetime experience that, for many, is a tick off the bucket list. The dramatic scenery doesn’t stop there, though. With a high chance of snow. Dramatic cliffs. Stunning lochs. Clear rivers in vast and undulating natural parks. The Scottish Highlands are truly a sight to behold in the winter.

A tree in silhouette against norther lights in the background

Those who visit Inverness in the winter will also benefit from avoiding the tourist season. That means fewer queues, quieter restaurants, and a calmer experience. So when you’re trying authentic, local Scottish bars you won’t be fighting for a seat. You can take it slow, meandering from restaurants stocked with local produce like Torrish to local theatres like the Eden Court. You’ll even find that your whisky distillery experiences will be calmer than they’d be in the busier seasons!

If that wasn’t enough, imagine this: the magical Scottish winter scenery, dusted in a light coating of snow. You’ll want to relax after spending the day in the brisk, beautiful countryside, spotting red deer, squirrels, and hares. Stay with us, and you can return to your luxury suite or room, whisky in hand, ready to relax. After a long day of exploring all that there is to see in Inverness in winter, you can unwind at Ness Walk in true comfort.

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