Writing a new chapter in tartan milling...

Nestled in the heart of the old town of Inverness, a rebellious retail experience is writing a new chapter in tartan history; Rebel Row.

A play on the name of London’s top fashion street, Rebel Row’s team are on a mission to swim against the current of “fashion” that has dominated the last 100 years. With founder Clare Campbell of Scotland’s only working mill Prickly Thistle, you are invited to discover this new retail experience. History and craftsmanship are converging to create something truly remarkable.

Tartan, an emblem synonymous with Scotland, transcends mere fabric. It embodies the very essence of our nation’s identity.

Highland Dress, with its distinctive kilt crafted from tartan wool cloth, holds a storied past. Following the Battle of Culloden in the late 1700s, where the winds of change swept across the Highlands, Highland Dress faced a ban lasting nearly four decades. But adversity often breeds prosperity. And, it was likely during this tumultuous period that Highland Dress cemented its status as an enduring symbol of Scottish pride.

Rebel Row Inverness from Prickly Thistle

Prickly Thistle Tartan Mill

As the only tartan weaving mill in Scotland, Prickly Thistle represents more than just a manufacturer. It embodies a living connection to Scotland’s past, present, and future. Each intricately woven pattern tells a story. A testament to the resilience of a people who refuse to be bound by convention or constraint.

In the threads of each fabric from Rebel Row, one discovers not just a fabric. But a living tapestry of history, woven with the spirit of rebellion that defines the Scottish Highlands.

Ness Walk Private Retail Experience

We have arranged exclusive evening access to Rebel Row for guests of Ness Walk to submerge yourself in the full made to measure experience of authentic Highland woven cloth and locally sculpted clothes. You will leave the Highlands with garments as unique as you, becoming co-authors in designing your dream garments, all served with bubbles in store. You will be a Rebel Queen for the night! Reservations must be made in advance and can be booked through our concierge team.

Prickly Thistle tartan mill - part of Rebel Row

Get Kilted

If you would love to have your very-own zero waste fabric kilt, we have arranged the perfect experience for you. You will be hands on with the making of your own kilt (in Prickly Thistle’s maxi-style). At flagship boutique Rebel Row. The made to measure kilt will be co-created with you. Use cloth/tartan of your choice selected in advance and your kilt will be ready just 24 hours later. Or, your kilt will be shipped onwards to your home address!

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