Luxury Doesn't Have to Cost the Earth

One of Ness Walk’s guiding company principles is to offer a luxury stay in Inverness whilst protecting the beautiful environment in which we live. There’s only one Scotland, and we are working hard every day to ensure what we do at our hotel protects our beautiful country. As climate change continues to alter the way we live, here at Ness Walk we focus on bringing sustainable tourism initiatives and eco-holidays in Scotland to our guests.

Electric vehicle charging

We fully support the increasing popularity and roll-out of electric vehicles. As such, we have worked to ensure charging points are available at Ness Walk. These are available for everyone who visits. This could be for a lunch, dinner or other event, as well as guests who are staying with us. Quick charging points are available alongside overnight chargers.

We’ve also made it as easy as possible to pay for and monitor electric car charging. Through the handy EVBox app, guests can check the status of their charge anywhere. They can even unlock the charge cable when charging is complete. This convenient app also handles payment. Our concierge will be happy to help any of our guests to download it onto their smartphone. 

We now have 13 overnight chargers, each offering 7kW to 22kW. We also have 2 rapid chargers, offering 50kW, which offers charges of up to 172 miles in 1 hour. These are perfect for those stopping briefly at Ness Walk to enjoy our hospitality before continuing their day.

Car at an electric charging point

Environmentally friendly toiletries

Eco-tourism in Scotland is growing. To encourage this, we take a holistic view of staying environmentally friendly. We are looking at ways throughout the hotel to reduce our impact on climate change. One of the areas we have looked at is the complimentary toiletries all guests receive. 

These toiletries are responsibly sourced. To do so, we have used the wonderful products from Arran Sense of Scotland to provide sumptuous soaps in an eco-friendly manner. Arran Sense of Scotland are eco-friendly and actively working towards reducing their carbon and plastic footprint. Their admirable efforts in reducing their plastic footprint were recognised by a TAP Gold Award 2020. And of course, none of these products have ever been tested on animals. As an environmentally friendly hotel in Scotland, we’re delighted to have found a partner who reflects our own views. 

Soap bars on white towels

The future is eco-friendly hotels in Scotland

And so, as we continue onwards, we plan on introducing more eco-friendly protocols and options. These can be simple, like offering customers the option of saving water and energy by reusing their towels rather than having them washed every day. And in the kitchen, our executive chef encourages the use of food grown here on site where possible. Where that’s not available, we look to buy local, in-season ingredients. Not only is this better for the environment (no air miles), the food tastes better too!

Milton of Campsie Lamb Loin with homegrown wild garlic in Torrish Restaurant

Our mission to a greener future

Team Ness Walk are committed to reducing the impact that tourism has on the local environment. This begins with conscious sourcing and choosing ethical routes, where possible, to deliver our 5-star service. And, we encourage our guests to choose green options before and after your stay – promoting lower carbon travel routes to the hotel and visiting beauty spots outwith peak seasons. We have published our ‘Treading Lightly’ Action Plan working Green Tourism and achieved Gold Accreditation for our efforts.

Ness Walk - Green Tourism Gold Awarded

Tackling climate change is a team effort

We understand that tackling climate change doesn’t happen without collaboration. We are working with Visit Inverness Loch Ness (VILN), the local Tourism Business Improvement District, who have proudly become the first carbon-neutral BID. And, they’re not stopping there.

VILN launched a Climate Action Plan to help local organisations work towards reducing their impact on the environment. They have also partnered with Trees for Life to offset carbon and regenerate habitats in the area.

Small actions like these soon add up. We believe that by being proactive in offering environmentally friendly luxury eco-holidays in Scotland, our guests can relax that little bit more. So join us on your next trip to Inverness for an environmentally friendly holiday.

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