Have a traitorous time in Scotland

Okay everyone, we’d like you in an orderly line please, going from most likely to visit Scotland this year to least likely. Well, if you’re not in the top half, it’s time to reconsider! There are so many reasons to make the trip! You might be wondering where Traitors is filmed in the UK. When you discover that it is here in the Scottish Highlands, you are sure to want to visit this stunning countryside! If you are a fan of Traitors, shown here on the BBC and on Peacock in the USA, then you will already be familiar with the green mountains and deep lochs nearby. Ness Walk in Inverness offers a perfect luxurious location from which to base your holiday so that you can live the life of a traitor yourself…

Where is Traitors filmed in Scotland?

Ardross Castle from the air.

Traitors is filmed at the stunning Ardross Castle here in the Scottish Highlands. This is a beautiful 19th century location, but it is unfortunately not accessible to the public to visit. This is why a stay at the Ness Walk will put you in the heart of the action and nearby so many things to do near Inverness. 

Luckily, Scotland is well-known for its castles, and some nearby that you can visit include Urquhart Castle on the shores of Loch Ness, Kilcoy Castle and Brodie Castle.

Many of the tasks which take place on Traitors show off our country to great effect. Here are some ideas for you to try when you visit.

Land Rover adventures

The players often end up in a Land Rover to get around the Scottish Highlands. So why don’t you do the same? Land Rover hire is available from many companies, including Wildtrax. Explore Scotland with four wheels and feel the ground beneath your tires!

Water fun

Many Traitors tasks take place on water, and there’s no better place than to enjoy wet fun than on the world famous Loch Ness. Take a ride on the loch in a high speed Rigid Inflatable Boat (RIB) and feel the wind rip through your hair! Alternatively, more genteel boating options are available to enjoy this stunning loch. Just watch out that there isn’t a traitor lurking in the depths…perhaps a long one with flippers and a rather murky history

A boat on Loch Ness.

Bell ringing

Ringing bells was a nail-biting task in the first series. What better way to relive this than under the harmonious chimes of Inverness Cathedral? Bells here are rung on Sunday mornings and practice on Thursday evenings 7.30pm to 9.00pm. You can find out more about the cathedral bellringers here. Inverness Cathedral is a pleasant and short 10-minute walk away from Ness Walk on the banks of the River Ness.

Everyone’s at war 

You can trust nobody in this game – it’s a battle that lasts weeks. And if that interests you, then a visit to the Highlanders museum will certainly be up your street. This is the largest collection of military artefacts outside of Edinburgh, highlighting the history of the Highland Regiments and includes an array of military artefacts and archive material.

Spooky adventures

Players have had to undertake perilous tasks in graveyards – and nearby Inverness there is a burial ground that wouldn’t be out of place in a fiction novel. Boleskine Burial Grounds not only has links to one of Scotland’s most notorious wizards, it also has tangible links to soldiers from the time of Culloden. This is a place definitely worth a visit (during the day to be safe!).

Crosses on grave stones.

Scottish farm life

Contestants have previously had to interact with Scottish farm life – not something that came easily to them all! So take the easy route and visit Farm Ness. Here you can enjoy a fun day packed with farm experiences and plenty of animals to say hello to. 

Over a barrel

Remember the episode where players had to roll barrels across the Scottish countryside? Well believe it or not, you can enjoy the countryside without rolling a barrel! And to be honest, this is our preferred option when it comes to enjoying Scottish scenery. Scotland is an accessible country by foot, and so long as you follow the Scottish Outdoor Access Code, most of the country is available to wander through. 

Enjoy the scenery of the Scottish Highlands

Castle on the side of Loch Ness.

So now you know where Traitors is filmed in the UK, you can start planning a great visit to Inverness and the Scottish Highlands. Book your stay at Ness Walk today for a luxurious stay in the heart of the Scottish Highlands.

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