Camera Stalking in the Scottish Highlands

The Scottish Highlands is a spectacularly beautiful part of the world, known for its dramatic landscapes and abundance of wildlife. And for those who love wildlife and photography, camera stalking is a wonderful outdoor activity. Much like a traditional deer stalking experience, the idea is to get up close, quietly stalking your target and then taking your aim. The difference is, the only shot you’ll be taking is with a camera! In addition to red deer, you might also get the opportunity to shoot golden eagles, red squirrels and other Scottish wildlife.

This is a remarkable experience and you’ll come away with some beautiful wildlife photographs to remember your day. If you’d like to take part in a guided camera stalking activity during your stay with us at Ness Walk Hotel, please get in touch. We can organise this for you, along with any other outdoor pursuits you’d like to try.

A mountain hare in the rain

Our camera stalking tips and tricks

If you are about to embark on a camera stalking adventure, here are a few tips and tricks to help you on your way. Your expert guide will take you out to the best locations in the Highlands, where you can get up close for that perfect wildlife shot. Talk to your guide in advance, so they know what kind of shots you’d like to capture on the trip.

What should I wear?

It’s important to dress for the Scottish weather and terrain, which means good sturdy footwear and warm clothing. Bear in mind that you need to be as quiet and invisible as possible while out stalking your target. So choose natural colours that will blend into the background, like browns and greens. Don’t wear anything that rustles or makes a noise as you move.

What else do I need?

You’ll need a camera, of course. One that’s sturdy, waterproof and portable with a long zoom lens. In addition, you might need a backpack for water, snacks, binoculars and anything else you intend to take along. However, try to take as little as possible with you, to enable you to move easily and quietly.

Close up shot of a red squirrel in Scotland

Stay quiet and out of sight

Your guide will help you to keep out of sight, staying to the edge of open areas and finding sheltered spots. Remember to be as quiet as possible. Move slowly and don’t make any sudden movements. If you have to speak, keep your voice very low. Make sure your phone’s on silent too!

Be patient

There may be a bit of waiting around for your subject to come into view, so be calm and patient. Good things come to those who wait!

Take lots of photos

When the moment comes, take as many shots as you can. You might take hundreds of photos in order to get a small collection of fantastic ones. That’s the beauty of digital photography. You can snap away and edit them down later.

Stay safe and respect the countryside

Make yourself familiar with the Scottish Outdoor Access Code before you go. This is a practical guide which explains how to stay safe and respect the countryside while out and about in Scotland.

Stag pictured in the Scottish Highlands

So, if you like the sound of this wildlife photography experience in the Scottish Highlands, please get in touch. We can arrange a camera stalking tour for you to enjoy during your stay with us at Ness Walk Hotel. Whatever you need, our concierge team is on hand, be it transportation, restaurant reservations, theatre tickets or bespoke itinerary planning. We’ll do all we can to make your stay in Inverness a memorable one.

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