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Recognised worldwide as the ‘ultimate road trip’, the North Coast 500 provides an unspoiled 516-mile journey. It places you right amongst the natural beauty of the Scottish Highlands. Stick to the roads or venture off the beaten path. No matter how you decide to travel the NC500 route, which starts and ends here in Inverness, you and your four (or two)-wheeled companion will be met with an unforgettable experience!

The ‘Scottish Route 66’ is full of countless opportunities. Set your eyes upon magnificent landscapes and immense lochs. Walk bare foot along the soft white beaches. Discover the rich history of the castles and museums. Get to know the local wildlife and share stories and laughter with the warm and welcoming locals all along the route.

So, pack your bags, dig out the binoculars and get your camera at the ready. The North Coast 500 is at your fingertips. Waiting.

Our NC500 route must sees and dos

At Ness Walk, we have assembled a small collection of North Coast 500 ‘Must Sees and Dos’ that are sure to make your adventure stand out from the rest.

The Highland’s very own fairy tale castle

Perched majestically on the East Coast, with views out across the North Sea, lies Dunrobin Castle. The most northerly of Scotland’s great houses, this enchanting castle resembles a French Château dating back to the 1800s. Partnered with idyllic gardens, bursting with both colour and character, no North Coast 500 adventure would be complete without appreciating its spectacle and beauty first hand.

A beach you would expect to find in the Caribbean

Hailed as one of the most beautiful and remote beaches in Europe, Sandwood Bay offers a charming and striking location on the route. Stunning white sands hug the coast for over a mile and offer the chance to catch a glimpse of the local wildlife, such as the peregrine eagle or even an orca! Then, as day turns to night, the beach is transformed into an ideal location to observe the Northern Lights in all their magnificence.

Bag a Munro

The North Coast 500 is synonymous with rolling hills and picturesque peaks. Throughout the route there are endless opportunities to ‘bag a Munro’ by climbing one of the several hills, over 3000 feet high. So, leave the comfort of your car and take to your feet. There isn’t a better way to capture the stunning landscapes across this area. Have a look at all the Munros you can conquer on your adventure.

‘Slainte mhath’

As you well know, whisky is one of Scotland’s finest exports. When travelling the Inverness NC500 you will pass numerous distilleries – ‘where the magic happens’. You can even take part in a tour and raise your whisky knowledge to the next level.

We are an official partner of the North Coast 500

Ness Walk Hotel is extremely proud of being one of the select North Coast 500 partners. Offering unmatched luxury 5-star accommodation in Inverness, every adventure should begin and end with a comfortable night’s sleep. Have a look at how we can add to your North Coast 500 experience.

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North Coast 500 Accommodation

Stay with us in 5-star luxury at Ness Walk Hotel. We are proud to be one of the select North Coast 500 partners. Located in Inverness, at the start and end of the route, we are perfectly placed to offer NC500 accommodation and fine dining. Take a look around the hotel with our image galleries and interactive tours. Then find out more about our hotel rooms and suites, and delectable dining options

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