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Wine Tasting with our Sommelier

Our wine tastings are no longer available. Please visit our dining pages for our current dining experiences.

Wine Tasting Inverness: Explore Alpine Wines

Welcome to the award-winning Ness Walk, your destination for an extraordinary wine-tasting adventure in Inverness. Our sommelier has curated an unforgettable journey into Alpine wines, all within the charming backdrop of the River Ness. Join us between October 2023 and April 2024, with sessions at 5 pm daily, for a unique Inverness wine experience.

Exploring Alpine flavours

This season, our Inverness wine tasting takes you on a journey through Alpine flavours. Our sommelier will introduce you to a sparkling, white, and red wine; each offering a distinct taste of the Alpine region. Immerse yourself in the essence of Alpine terroir with every sip.

Sustainable and organic practices

In the Alpine region, the vineyards experience a remarkable transformation, resting beneath a magical winter snow cover and flourishing under the pristine Alpine skies in summer. Our sommelier will uncover the secrets of mindful growers who often practice organic and biodynamic methods. Learn about sustainable winemaking techniques that enhance the purity and authenticity of these exceptional wines.

Reserve your Inverness wine tasting

Don’t miss this exclusive opportunity to join us for a one-hour Alpine wine journey right here in Inverness at Ness Walk. Our sessions begin daily either at 4 pm or 5 pm, offering the ideal setting to relax and savour the flavours of the Alps. Secure your place for just £55 per guest and immerse yourself in the beauty and taste of the Alpine region, all within the heart of Inverness.

Indulge in Torrish

After your wine-tasting experience, indulge in the culinary delights of our flagship restaurant; Torrish. Our menu is a celebration of local producers, with each dish showcasing the very best of the season. From fresh seafood to locally farmed meats and vegetables, our kitchen team curate dishes that complement our wine collection. 

Reserve your wine tasting in Inverness

At Ness Walk, our Inverness wine tasting experience is more than just tasting; it’s an exploration of the Alps in the heart of Inverness. Experience the unique flavours of Alpine wines, discover sustainable winemaking practices, and share the company of fellow wine enthusiasts. Join us between October 2023 and April 2024 for this exceptional wine-tasting journey, curated by our sommelier. Book your spot now and elevate your Inverness wine experience to new heights.

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